What is Following the yuan?

Founded in 2022, Following the yuan is a business publication focused on how and why Chinese people spend their money. Aimed at a business and financial audience, we aim to provide original reporting and analysis on China's consumer market in an economic downturn, and ‘color’ beyond the earnings calls and market reports.

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You may know Chinese consumers by their strong spending power, their ‘lying flat’ lifestyle, their active online protests against, well, anything. But who are they and what do they want? How different are they from each other, and from the Western consumers?

A human-centered angle is what I see lacking in business reporting about the consumers, it’s what frustrated me in newsrooms, and what drove me to start this newsletter.

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Who am I?

A business reporter-turned-consultancy-founder who was born and bred in China.

Growing up in the 90s, I’ve breathed, witnessed and lived through the opening up of China in terms of culture and business: I listen to music from Taiwan, the US and the UK, watched cartoons from Japan and TV shows from South Korea, and had gotten used to overseas brands entering the market, full of hopes and dreams.

Today, China is shrouded by the looming shadow of its leadership, much like X. My goal is to document and translate how people are reacting and acquiescing to these changes, which will shape the contours of tomorrow's largest consumer market.

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Developer Notes

April, 2024 — Wow! 100 posts already!

Jan, 2024 — started recruiting freelancers for in-depth reporting pieces

Sep 29, 2023 — Launched paid plan including 5 main columns: Weekly consumer news, Deep dives, China explainer, Personal essays and Web3

Jan 2, 2023 — I’m getting into a groove to publish a weekly news roundup every Tues EST, and planning to do ad-hoc commentaries when the occasion presents itself.

May 10, 2023 — It’s been over month since I started the Entrepreneurial Journalism Creater Program at CUNY remotely. I’m learned to zero in on my target audience and have a few tests on content forms/revenue models in the pipeline!

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Original reporting, analysis, and commentary on China's consumer market in an economic downturn. Get on-the-ground 'color' beyond the earnings calls and market reports.


A journalist-turned consultancy founder who’s influenced by design thinking, Yaling is driven to catch signals before they turn into trends, and interpret nuances of China in an economic downturn
Brooklyn-based writer.
Graduate student at the University of Tokyo; Sociology major.