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The Italian government has supported espresso since 1915 as an essential foodstuff. Current price for a single espresso is 1 euro for what is 7gm coffee in a 1oz volume drink. Certainly China could achieve something similar. Coffee cultivation in China is still in its infancy, although the Yunnan beans I've tried roasted by a Seattle cafΓ© are very tasty.

I'm unclear how much robusta coffee is grown in China, but these are much larger and cheaper crops in Vietnam and the Philippines. Blue Bottle has just introduced a "Robusta Blend", signaling the variety's entry into the boutique chains. Really, only in the US has robusta been associated with "dreck" coffee.

If you look at the instant coffee market in Korea, the flavor profile is for Sumatran or Vietnamese filter coffee so: a milky drink with a strong robusta component. Certainly the Chinese will evolve their own styles of coffee, but it might be closer to other Asian countries than a black pour over from Juan Valdez country. No doubt it will be great (and cheap)!

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Hi Charles -- I love your in-depth knowledge & observation about flavors! Are you based in Seattle?

In China, I noticed that mass-market chains (Luckin/KFC) love to advertise that they use Arabica beans because it's superior in Chinese people's perception. But the young people who just got into coffee may prefer to order a pour over with beans from Yunnan/Yirgacheffe.

I also believe that drinking cheap coffee is a phase, perhaps the stage of China developing its flavors would come later when coffee is seen as common as milk tea.

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Not Seattle, I live in NYC.

Plus I'm in error about the roaster Superjoy <https://www.superjoy.coffee> which is in Portland. Sorry! Seems there's no mail order ATM, perhaps an overwhelming outcome of their mention in WSJ a while back.

China is an enormous market for coffee. I'm sure that many unique styles at all price points will flourish in the future.

All the best!

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Lol the traffic probably crashed their IG too: "Our Instagram Feed is currently unavailable"

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